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   Active Server Pages


Webmasters, software developers, application programmers, client/server developers, and desktop publishers.

Active Server Pages
Exam # Duration Language Level Type Classroom Code Fees
-- 15 English Professional Course Classroom Cs123 0 LE
Description :

This course teaches students how to use Active Server Pages scripts on a Web server. Students will learn how to create ASP Applications using ASP Components, ActiveX Data objects, manipulate data in a database, work with a relational database via Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and OLEDB.

Objectives :
  • Explain the active server object model
  • Use active server objects to create dynamic web pages

Topics :

Introduction to Active Server Pages

  • Active Server Pages Overview

Creating an Active Server Application

  • What Is an ASP Page?
  • What Is the Global.asa File?
  • What Is a Server-Side Include?
  • Server-Side Scripting

Introduction to ASP Intrinsic Objects

  • ASP Intrinsic Objects
  • Maintaining State
  • Application Object
  • Session Object
  • Request Object
  • Response Object
  • Server Object
  • ObjectContext Object
  • Global Objects

Introduction to ASP Default Components

  • Using Components
  • ASP Default Components

Introduction to ActiveX Data Objects

  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and OLE DB
  • Data Source Name (DSN)

Adding Records to a Database

  • Global.asa

Searching the Database

  • Building Additional Skills

Updating and Deleting Database Records

  • Building Additional Skills

Using Error, Command and Recordset Objects

  • Error Object
  • Command Object

Additional ASP Objects and Components

  • Dictionary Object
  • Page Counter Component
  • Content Rotator Component
  • ASP-to-HTML Component


Recommended Knowledge :

Students must have CIW Foundations certification or equivalent experience and a working knowledge of client-side scripting, JavaScript or VBScript.

Recommended Course(s) :
Internet Business Foundations
JavaScript Fundamentals
 Networking Technology Foundations
 Site Development Foundations


Training Materials :

CIW Official Curriculum

Labs :

This course includes several labs to ensure you will gain the targeted skills and experience.

Credential :

This course is a credit towards CIW Enterprise Developer Certifications

Category :

The Instructor: